Studio is no longer working after installing updates

I can open engage, quizmaker, and presenter from the desktop icons, but when I'm in PowerPoint, nothing in the Articulate ribbon works. This started just after downloading the latest updates. I'm using PowerPoint 2010. I can't do anything with all of my previous work. Very frustrated! Please help!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Katie! Sorry that to hear that you are having difficulty.

Please be sure that you are working locally and not from a network drive.

If the Articulate tab on your PowerPoint ribbon is missing or some of the Articulate Presenter '13 buttons aren't working, the Articulate add-in may be disabled in PowerPoint. Here's how to fix it. If this does not work, I would suggest a repair of your software.

Andee Jones

In addition to the Articulate ribbon not working, I keep getting an Articulate Presenter information pop-up:  "There are not updates available at this time."

I am not having any luck with the instructions Leslie provided above.  Does the additional information pop-up mean anything?