SWF scaling on Slide View Only

I have a module with a few Flash Objects.  The entire module is in Slide Only View.  

The module works fine in Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, but it works differently in IE.  The first time the first SW loads in IE, the swf is scaled to what looks like the size and position for the Outline View.  If I go to the next slide and then back, It works fine after that.  The problem occurs again if I clear the cache and restart IE.  

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks

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Phil Mayor

Hi Ron

I expect you have resized the swf when you inserted it, this more often than not always happens in IE, the best solution is to size the swf to the size you need in flash and then insert

Sometimes it can also happen if you have a swf in the preceeding slide

I generally find that I now makes swfs to the size I need and so not resize


Adrian Gates

Are you reffering to a behavior on slide 1 only, or is the first SWF you mention a web object on a different slide? If you are having problems with an SWF on slide 1, I had something similar a little while ago.

I had set the player view to "Slide Only" but my SWF on slide 1 was loading too small and located slightly to the right of the center, as if it were playing in the outline view (standard view). Turns out that I had the starting view in my player template set to "Standard," so even though I had the slide's player view set to "Slide only" in the slide properties menu and that was the player view I saw, my SWF flash object was still loading into the starting view player dimensions instead.

To fix this, I changed the starting view to "slide only." Now that the starting view of the template matched the player view I set for slide 1 in the slide properties menu, there was no conflict, and the SWF loaded correctly. 

So if this is happening mid-presentation, this might not help, but if it's on slide 1 only, give it a try.

Kim Stockwell

Hi guys -

I have an issue where the quality of my flash files change when I change the slide setting from Standard view to Slide only view. The text in the flash gets very jagged looking.

It looks perfectly fine when I publish it in the standard view. I have tried to adjust some of the quality options in the presentation options but they did not seem to have an impact.

Any thoughts? Ideas?

Justin Wilcox

Hi Kim,

Slide only view slightly increases the dimensions of your slide which could cause this issue. I would recommend using the No Sidebar view if you wanted to change it from Standard to Slide Only. Also, I remember this coming up a while ago but I haven't heard this being an issue in a while. You may want to make sure you are using the latest version of Studio '09 to see if that resolves your issue:


I didn't see anything specific in release notes that address this issue but it wouldn't hurt to make sure you are using the latest version anyway.

Kim Stockwell

Hi Justin -

Thanks for the response. I did check the release to make sure I am current. There is definitely a difference in the quality between the 2 views.

The only problem is that my client wants the next slide arrow ONLY. They do not want the forward/backward/advance buttons?

Is there any other alternative?