Sync video & animation timings?

Yep, another video question! I have a video that includes sound, and I've added it to the left half of one of my Presenter slides. On the right half of the slide, I have some textboxes and other images that I want to animate in, so that they appear in time with the audio on my movie. For some reason I can't do that though - because when I click Sync Animations and try to go through the syncing process, my video's not playing. I just see the black placeholder. How do I fix this?

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Bob Lander

Hi! When you added your video to your slide, what synchronization option did you pick? There are two choices: you can sync your movie with your presentation, or you can make it play independently of your slide. If it plays independently, then you'll just see the black placeholder rectangle when you go to sync your animations - the video won't play.

Bob Lander

Probably the movie was set to play independently of your slide, which is why it's not playing for you when you go to sync animations. Try deleting the placeholder and reinserting the movie... and when the box appears where you can choose your movie settings, set the synchronization option to "Synchronize slide and movie." I think if you do this, the video will play for you in the Sync Animations window, and then you'll be able to sync the other objects with the movie.