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Brian Batt

Hi Scott,

If you use a Teeter animation to add emphasis to an object in your presentation, you may find that the object also changes color when the animation plays in your published presentation.  Please review the following article for more information:


This is a known issue.  You can workaround it by using consecutive Spin animations to mimic the effect of the Teeter animation.

Donovan Bakalyar

Hi, Scott

Here is a workaround that allows you to use Teeter on a picture without altering colors.


It is from 2004. The author discovered that by grouping the picture with an invisible PowerPoint shape object (such a short line with the shape outline set to "No Outline," one can apply Teeter to this group without color changes. (Note that these color changes do not occur anyway when Teeter is called upon for a shape object such as a box or line. It only seems to be a problem when the object is a picture. Anyway, so far I haven't found any downside to this.