Text Box margins are “de-adjusted” when published

Hello all,

I have typed some text inside of some shapes in ppt. The trouble is, when the ppt file is published via Articulate, the margins between the text & shape are automatically “de-adjusted”.

See ppt & screenshot in my attachment to this post. Note how the word “JAN” has shifted.

Would anyone know of a solution?

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Brian Batt

Hi Alex,

You may find that text in PowerPoint shifts position ever so slightly when published with Articulate Presenter.  This is because vector information (such as that which comes from PowerPoint) cannot be translated exactly when converted to raster format during the Flash publishing process.

In most cases, the shift is not noticeable or is inconsequential.  However, if you need to maintain exact positioning in the published presentation, you may want to consider one of the following workarounds:


Justify the text (rather than using Left, Center, or Right alignment).  Justified text maintains positional data better during conversion than does Left, Center, or Right aligned text.

Note:  If your justified text includes underlined characters, you may find that the underline gets broken between words when published.  This is because text justification is designed to stretch characters to fill the width of a text box, but underlined characters do not get stretched to fill the extra spacing.  If this occurs, replace the extra spaces with underscore characters and republish.  (In PowerPoint, the underscores may appear thicker than the underlined characters, but they will publish correctly in Presenter.)


Export the text as a PNG image (right-click the text box, and select "Save as Picture").  Then delete the text box, and import the saved image in its place.