The Case of the Disappearing Cursor

This has been happening to me more and more often lately. I save my presentaion, select "Record Narration" and everything looks fine. The little sand-timer appears as the slide loads to the narration application and then, when the slide notes and narration screen appears, my cursor is gone. I can move the mouse to set the cursor at the bottom of the screen or at the left side, where it is visible but when I try to move it onto the narration area, it seems to slide beneath the area. I have to place it at the bottom of the screen below the text and start rolling upward and clicking so I can see where it marks my spot in the text. I get my bearings and then keep moving the invisible cursor until, hopefully at some point I see the "Save & Close" button illuminate and know I cna click and get off the screen. I made an image to show what I mean.

The yellow arrows indicate the area where I can see the cursor and the red arrows are where it seems to be beneath the images on the screen. It's like they are in the next layer.

I hope this makes the situation clear. Any help is appreciated. I've tried reloading Articulate but will do so again now, since this is happening almost every time I try to narrate a slide. Once I have a successful attempt, I can continue t narrate from slide to slide with no problem, but if I save and close, it will likely disappear again the next time I try.

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