Tracking Completion

Hi all,

We are building an online training module in Articulate Studio and would like to require each person to have to email a certificate or message of completion to a supervisor to hold them accountable.

We originally thought about having the module create a unique code per user that they could email but we've heard this may not be possible in Studio.

Is it possible for the last slide to have a button that automatically emails a pre-determined message to a specific email address?

Any ideas are welcome!  Thank you so much.

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Tony Mills

If you put a quiz (Quizmaker) at the end you can set it so that the user can email a result from the result page.  It might be worth exploring what you could do with Survey questions. We have  PASS/FAIL quizzes in our modules, which may not suit you; however I'm sure you could create something that would work for you.

Or you can always use an LMS that offers a certificate download/send facility on completion (as defined for the course).  We use such an LMS for that reason.

Nelson Diaz

You could try adding an html page to your last slide as a web object and have the user fill out the information.  The html page would have the necessary text boxes for the user to input his data and a script to e-mail this information.  I've attached a sample named index.htm, just to give you an idea (I only tested it in IE8).  I think it's best to put the index.htm file inside an empty folder, and then add it to your presentation.  Otherwise, Articulate may grab all other documents that are located in the same folder.