Tracking Pass/ Fail in Presenter scorm for the Activity created in Storyline 360

Jun 14, 2021


We have created one activity in Storyline 360. Based on number of mistakes the user is directed to Pass or fail slides in Storyline. This is done using variables. User fails if number of mistakes are more than 5 or user takes more than an hour to complete the activity. The activity does not have percentage for pass or fail. 

We have published this activity as web and included it in Presenter slide. Now client wants us to track it on LMS as pass or fail. 

Is it possible to track pass or fail in Presenter scorm output for the activity created in Storyline 30?

Please note I cannot share source file.


Shalaka Mandlekar.


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Ren Gomez

Hi Shalaka,

Thanks for reaching out! To track a course in Presenter with a pass/fail status, you'll need to include a results slide along with questions from Quizmaker.

It sounds like your activity isn't a quiz question but more an interaction that's graded based on variables. You may consider converting this to a question slide or recreating it in Quizmaker if you'd like to track it in an LMS using Presenter 360.

If you want some more help with converting your activity, feel free to connect with our support team, and they can provide additional guidance!

Shalaka Mandlekar

Hi Ren,

Thanks for the reply. 

The activity which I have created cannot be converted to a Quiz in Quizmaker. It is a simulation kind of an activity in which a machine part gets assembled step by step. User selects correct object and proceeds to the next step. There are many interactions involved in-between.  

I would like to know if we can track pass or fail in Presenter for a activity created in Storyline 360. I am also doing some checking at my end if it is possible.

Thanks and regards,

Shalaka Mandlekar.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Shalaka,

You have two options for tracking your Presenter 360 project:

  • Track using number of slides viewed: Mark this option to trigger course completion when learners view a specific number of slides.
  • Track using quiz result: Mark this option to track learners based on their quiz results. If your course has multiple quizzes, choose the one you want to track. (This option will be grayed out if your course doesn’t have any result slides.)

I'd recommend importing your PowerPoint/Presenter content into your Storyline 360 file so that you can properly track the full course in your LMS as needed.