Transferring PPT slides with Articulate narration into new PPT?

May 13, 2014

OK-  Here's one for everyone!  I messed up--- I had several PPT files with similar names- due to PPT freezing up on me and autosaving.  When I went to continue recording on my project, I inadvertently opened the wrong PPT file, and recorded over that one instead of my original.   So... my question is this:  Is there a way to SAVE, or COPY the audio files from one PPT project,  and use them in another PPT project?  I hope my question made sense.  It's not the end of the world---- as I still have my narration for this series of slides in one file----  so I have captured the script----  but since the narration was done by a content expert (not me) I will have to rerecord his voice unless I can capture the audio files and transfer them.   Does anyone know whether what I'm asking is possible????    Thanks-  Julie C.

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Tim Danner

Assuming I'm correctly following the issue you're having, you can extract the audio from a PowerPoint file as individual files and then import them into another PPT file. Easiest way is to do this export the audio through Articulate's Audio Editor (launch editor -- > click the "a" button in the top-left corner of the editor window and select your Export file option) and then import using the Import Audio button on the Articulate tab.

You can also export audio from a PowerPoint file by changing the file extension of the file to a .zip. (Make sure the file is a .pptx.) Double-click the zip file to go inside it. Navigate to the "media" folder (ppt  -- > media) and you'll see the individual wav files for each slide.

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