Trying to import a Storyline recording into Articulate Presenter

I have created a simulation in Storyline and am trying to import it into an Articulate Presenter eLearning, since the original slides were created in PowerPoint (the person I'm working with doesn't have Storyline or I would have just done the whole thing in SL).  In the past, I've created Captivate simulations, used the Import Flash Movie feature, and chosen the story.html file to upload.  No problem. 

This is the first time I've tried it using a Storyline simulation, and when I try to import it, the story.html file does not display in the possible files for the upload, only the SWF file displays.  (The story.html file does exist in the file folder.)  If I try to import the SWF file, I get an error message saying that the document contains embedded content that may be harmful.  I went ahead and tried to import it, and ...well, let's just say that it didn't go well.

Is it not possible to import from Storyline into Presenter??

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