Unable to open Project File

Feb 19, 2014

I have been using Storyline to create my eLearning package in for about a year now, however we started using Studio 09.

Today I received a request to amend the content of a package created using Presenter 09.  The .ppta file and .pptx file are in the same folder along with the .quiz file contained in the package.  I am able to open the presentation file and make changes, however as soon as I try & do anything using Articulate I get the following message...

"Presenter was unable to open project file".

I have un-installed Articulate Studio 09 and re-installed it again, but am still unable to open the project file.

Can anyone please help

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Helen Tarbox

The package was created in 2012 and now the subject matter expert wanted to review the content, so I went back to working with the PowerPoint file & .ppta file.

I am able to open the powerpoint file, but when I try to do anything that involved 'studio' I get the unable to open the project file .

I have submitted this as a job, but it looks as if PowerPoint may be the problem, but getting our IT department to re-install it is not an easy option.

I am goint to be trying to get the Subject matter expert to agree to a refresh of the package, in which case I will move it to Storyline.


Brian Batt

Hi Helen,

If you continue to have problems, please try this:

1. Uninstall Studio ‘09

2. Go into your Windows folder

3. Find the system32 folder (if you're on a 64-bit machine, look in the syswow64 folder instead) 

4. Inside that folder, you’ll find a file named:  stgsrvr.dll.  Delete that file

5. Restart your computer

6. Reinstall Studio ‘09

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