Underline spacing

Hello All,

I was wondering if anyone has a solution for formatting the spacing between text and the underline?  In Presenter 360, an underlined word looks fine if it's just one line but, if it's in a paragraph with multiple underlines, the underlines are overlapping the text or it looks really wonky at line spacing 2. 

I've been inserting a line shape instead of using the underline but, it is time consuming.  Any suggestions out there would be greatly appreciated.


A screenshot is attached.

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Michael Gough

Okay, to add more to the story, the update didn't really help.  You have to change your DPI to 100% and then publish again.  Once you do that, the output is published correctly.  However, if you publish with your DPI at 125% which is the default, it causes the underlines to be "spaced out" :).