Underline spacing

Hello All,

I was wondering if anyone has a solution for formatting the spacing between text and the underline?  In Presenter 360, an underlined word looks fine if it's just one line but, if it's in a paragraph with multiple underlines, the underlines are overlapping the text or it looks really wonky at line spacing 2. 

I've been inserting a line shape instead of using the underline but, it is time consuming.  Any suggestions out there would be greatly appreciated.


A screenshot is attached.

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Sze Wai Dreger

Hi Leslie,

Attached is a source and published file.  Your screenshot above looks like the source text box.  When viewing the source, it looks fine but, it doesn't look so great in preview or the published file.



Michael Gough

Okay, to add more to the story, the update didn't really help.  You have to change your DPI to 100% and then publish again.  Once you do that, the output is published correctly.  However, if you publish with your DPI at 125% which is the default, it causes the underlines to be "spaced out" :).