Unexpected Error, Quitting

Aug 05, 2016

My colleague and I installed the latest Articulate Studio 13' update and both of us now receive the following message when we load PowerPoint: 'Unexpected Error, Quitting'.  Powerpoint will eventually start after a very long delay.  We're both concerned now that our Articulate projects may get effected in some way as well.  How can we fix this?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Leslie -- Many thanks for your question and so sorry to hear of your troubles! First, can you please confirm that you are working locally? As described here"Working on a network drive or an external (USB) drive can cause erratic behavior due to latency, such as file corruption, an inability to save changes, and loss of resources."

You may also want to run through the troubleshooting steps listed here to see if you find improvement, particularly the repair in step #2. If you continue to experience difficulties, I would like to recommend that you use the steps here to create an Articulate Package, and send that along to our Support Engineers via this form for further analysis. 

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