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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Carrie, 

Uh oh! Let's figure out what went wrong and where those files are. I'm assuming it was an Articulate update you installed - not a Windows or Microsoft update? 

An Articulate update would only change the installation files and the launch files for the tools themselves, and doesn't touch your saved Engage .intr, Quizmaker .quiz, or .ppta files associated with Powerpoint/Presenter courses. 

What version of Articulate are you currently using, and do you remember the update number you installed? I didn't see an Articulate 360 account connected to your email, so I'm guessing it may be Studio '13? I'd start by looking to repair the Articulate add-on and ribbon, and you'll find steps for that here. 

If you're still having trouble using Articulate after that, let's have you work directly with our Support Team! They're ready to dig in and help you right the ship. 

Carrie Eaton

Thanks, Ashley. Yes, I'm using Studio '13, and I got the message that I needed to update yesterday or the day before, so installed that.

I followed all the steps in the link you provided here....nothing was amiss in the options and still nothing in the Articulate ribbon works.

It really was strange yesterday that so many files didn't show for all the courses in my folders for 20-30 minutes??

I'll submit a case with support now.

Carrie Eaton

Hmmmm...I submitted it earlier today. But in the meantime, I had a client that needed something quick, so I decided to try re-installing Studio '13 and that seems to have fixed the issue....but I don't want to say that too loud!! So far, so good.  I probably should have done that right away.

Thanks for checking back!

Ashley Terwilliger

What a whirlwind day of ups and downs! I'm glad you're back up and running though, and 🤞 that its for good. 

Did you see an email confirmation or on screen pop up with the case number? If not, that's a good indication that the case submission didn't go through and you can always email our Support team at Support@articulate.com