Updating PPT/Editing in QM messes up slide

Jan 09, 2020

Hi Heroes,

I'm new to using PPT/Presenter/Quizmaker/Engage, and I have an existing file (by someone else) which I'm trying to update.

I get a message saying the current version is old, and do I want to update. "Yes" --> then I click on Edit in Quizmaker. On the original, there are two text blocks, and associated audio. When I update, the text blocks and audio are gone. Please see the highlighted screenshots, attached.

Can anyone enlighten me?


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Ren Gomez

Hi Greg,

Sorry you're running into some upgrade issues, and I appreciate you sharing those images. At first glance, it looks like there may be some elements that Presenter isn't converting correctly, but I'd like to double-check and confirm.

If you're able to share your file publicly here, feel free to do so by clicking Add Attachment, otherwise you can share it privately with me here, and I'll delete once I'm done taking a look!

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