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Dec 24, 2013

I'm on Presenter 09... when I try to create template or save anything for the navigation or layout, my player template freezes up.  I think I have an issue with my preview folder.  My desktop is significantly locked down, so I need IT support to work on things.  I did receive access to my C drive... so initially when I tried to just click 'preview' in the Player Template view I received an error:

Error: Could not locate preview folder - C:\Users\t161352\AppData\Local\Temp\articulate\presenter\preview\data\

When I looked at my C drive, it turns out I do not have a folder in the preview folder called 'data', I have one called player.  I have had the IT dept re install my Articulate software thinking it might have been an issue with the initial install, however, that did not help.  The IT dept does not have any idea of next steps...

I tried one thing... I created a folder called 'data' but since I have no files in it, I don't think that worked.  Once I did that the error went away but then just clicking on 'preview' froze Player template'.  

So I can't seem to get my navigation bar in place when I view what I have build so far.  If I can simply create the data folder and you can send me the files that should be in it, I can try  that to see if it works.  My email is - tmerrill@tcfbank.com


Terri Merrill

By the way - Merry Christmas... sorry I am posting this on Christmas Eve.

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Terri Merrill


Do you know... if they delete the entire Articulate file, will I lose any engage, or quizmaker files I have created?  I save them outside of my C drive.  I'm just not sure if my C drive retains anything that could break the items I built.  None have been published... issues with the player are limiting my options for the elearning tool so I haven't published until I can get this fixed.

Let me know what yu can.



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