URGENT help needed! Run-time error '380'. Invalid property value

Jun 07, 2011

I am using Articulate '09 update 4.  I wanted to change one of the quiz properties on the quizzes in a larger course that I have used for a long time.  I was able to change the properties for all until I got to the last quiz and then I suddenly got the above error message, preceded by the label "Articulate Presenter UI".  I tried closing and reopening the file, restarting my computer completely, and even deleting the ppta file.  Now, every time I try to open a quiz or an Engage interaction, I get the above message or the following:

"Critical Error: Could not initialize Insert Engage Interaction dialog"    or

"Presenter was unable to open project file"

Also - I tried opening another Articulate course in PPT and accessing the quiz and I got the same messages.  I realize that the forum states that this error was resolved with a later update, but I need to know if I can fix this without the update. 

Any help is appreciated - I am on a deadline!

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Brian Batt

Hi Meg and welcome to Heroes,

Deleting the PPTA file is what is causing the "crtical error" when trying to open quizzes and interactions from the PowerPoint slides.  Thus, you'll need to delete the slides that contain your quizzes and interactions & reinsert them by click on the Articulate menu in PowerPoint and selecting the Engage interaction or Quizmaker quiz button.  Essentially, you need to reinsert the files.

Please let me know if you continue to have issues.

Meg Johnston

Hi Brian,

Thanks very much for the info, I will reinsert the quizzes and interactions?

What can you tell me about the other errors?  I received these before deleting the ppta.  Also, I have tried opening other courses and they all give me the error "unable to open project file" when I try to open a quiz.

Do you have any insight for me on this?

Thank you!

Meg Johnston

Hi Brian,

I have update 4 and later updates have not yet been software certified by my company, which is required before I can install these. 

So there is no work around for update 4?  I still don’t understand what causes this error and was hoping you could enlighten me so I could avoid triggering this error until I get the newer updates.

Thanks, Meg

Justin Wilcox

HI Meg,

The only supported version of Articulate Studio '09 is the latest version which you can get here:


I'm not sure why a company would approve a point release and not the application. That doesn't make much sense to me. The fixes you need are in the latest version of Studio so you would really need to install the latest version to resolve your issues.

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