Using Flash in Presenter

I have about a 7 minute or so flash video being used in a lesson that I am building.The flash video is set to play/sync with the slide so that when the video finishes, the slide automatically advances to the next slide, and also the video can be paused, etc., with the articulate controls.

I notice that when I pause the video, and say either open up the Attachments tab or the Glossary tab, exit, the flash movie begins from the beginning and not where I had previously paused it.

Is there any way to fix this issue so that I can pause my video, read something from the glossary and return to the point where I paused? Or will I have to directly code control options/buttons into my flash piece?

Thanks in advance!

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Lawren Moore

Hi Justin,

Thanks for your reply. I should have mentioned that I have already gone over that page and can't really find anything to help me out with this problem. My frame rate matches the standards, and my sound + clip are both on the main timeline. I just wanted to know if there's anything else I can do to resolve the problem of having a video restart after opening the navigation tabs on top of the presenter.

Justin Wilcox

I tested your scenario with my own SWF file and was unable to duplicate your issue. I am not familiar enough with Flash to really look at what could be causing the issue with your file. I would maybe take a look to see if you have references to _root or _level0. Outside of that, if you were able to convert this to a different file format, you could probably have it play in sync with the slide without issue.

Lawren Moore

I'm actually posting this issue on behalf of one of our QA testers. It may have been a one-time thing because even as I am testing it out right now (which I should have done prior to posting this) I'm no longer having the issues, even on multiple browsers.

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to help me out with this!