Using Presenter and/or Logo panel

I'm trying to utilize either the presenter or the logo panel in a way that it only shows up on certain slides.  I have a "tip" image that I want to appear on certain slides.  I've saved the tip.png, inserted it as a presenter and chosen the standard view on those slides where I want it to appear, but it's not showing up.  After watching a couple of screenrs, I tried it as a logo, but I'm not having any success (all I see is the Articulate logo and I"m not sure how I'd be able to turn the logo on and off on different slides within the same lesson). 

Can anyone give me some tips and/or direct me to the appropriate screenr so that I can have an image appear above the menu on certain slides, but only the menu appear on others? 

Thanks so much!


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Kevin Dowd

Hello Kristi,

Create your image in adobe flash. 

Then, go to "publish settings" from the file menu, and ensure that you are in the .swf format.

Select publish.

Now go to your ppt file.  You want to insert a flash movie.  You want to set the display to "in the presenter panel."  You want to advance to the next slide "when user clicks next."

You should now see the flash  file in the upper left hand corner of your slide.  Copy and paste it on the slides you want, and repeat the same process for any other files on any other slides.

Be sure that your template setting in ppt shows the presenter panel.

Let me know if you need  more details,


Kristi Nokken

Thanks Heidi.  I have done what you said in other presentations when I had an avatar that needed to come in on certain slides, but not all of them.  I was just hoping that since this is a static picture I might be able to do the same thing without the extra work of creating a swf file.  Any idea if that's possible or not?