Using Storyline file with Presenter 13

Mar 07, 2015

I have Storyline 2 and my client has Studio '13.  They would like me to create a course and then have the ability to do their own edits down the road.  All I have found on inserting Storyline files into Presenter is this link regarding Presenter '09:

Is there any updated information on using Storyline files with Presenter?  If the way shown in the Screenr is the only available method, can the client edit those Storyline slides once they're converted to Presenter, or are they a static object?


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Jeff Kortenbosch

Hi Katie,

Storyline files are not editable in Presenter. They're just two different programs. Yes you can insert a published Storyline project via a webobject into a presenter course so that might help if you're using specific functionality that cannot be mimicked in Presenter. You're client will not be able to edit any of it if they don't have Storyline.

You might consider building your interactions (if possible) in PowerPoint.

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