Video Disappears when presenter.html is launched from server

Mar 10, 2014


I have a recurring issue that I need to get to the bottom of. I am running the 2013 version of Articulate Presenter. When I embed an .mp4 video file into my Articulate presentations, they work perfectly in the preview screen and also work perfectly when I launch the presentation.html from the Presentation Output folder. However, my workplace uses a dedicated application server to run Articulate presentations from once they are posted to our LMS. I copy and paste the Presentation Output folder into the application server. After I do this, when I launch the presentation.html the slide containing the video is blank, although the slide still acts as if the video is there (e.g. the cursor changes to a hand when I move over areas where the video should be, the slide plays for the duration of the video file, even though the images and audio are absent).

It seems as though copying and pasting the folder somehow breaks the presentation's connection to the video file, even though I can still see the video in the "Presentation Content" subfolder.

Please help me with this. Most of our emodules contain video files, so this problem is not isolated to one presentation but is affecting many.

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