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Sep 28, 2012

What codex(s) does Video Encoder accept..... or what extensions does it open? I have a video saved as a .ds and as a .m4V and both open with the error message about the codex. I've downloaded the K-Lite codex package and the GSpot program. The K-Lite package hasn't changed anything and  for the .m4V, GSpot program identifies the codex as avc1 with the status undetermined.

The raw video is available. What do I need to do to grab clips using the Video Encoder? or What format do I need to save to in the video editor?

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Doyle Meyer

I have a version outputted to .mp4 also. 

I'm not sure what editor is being used, but I know it is done on a Mac.

I'm beginning to wonder if I have a corrupt Articulate Video Encoder. I can view the files from any video player I've tried. Can I download and reinstall only the Video Encoder or do I need to reinstall all of Studio 09? 

Mike Enders


I wouldn't think so. I've used similar files that I've edited in both Final Cut and various iMovie incarnations.

As far as the reinstall.  I think it tends to be an all or none type of deal. You might try doing a repair on it.

If you go to uninstall and start the process, you can choose to repair the installation.  This might be a good first

step to see if you see a change.

Would you happen to have a smaller sample of the vid we could test? Or be able to get a smaller sample?  My guess is that it's a codec issue, but it would be great to have my hands on it and be able to run it through a few tests...


Mike Enders

Well, for now, the work around would seem to be the best bet so you can get the project moving forward.

But, I would recommend that you check-in with our support team so that they can take a look.  They're really great and can help you with the setup.  The MP4 should be working and while your work around does get you where you want to go, you really shouldn't need to take that step.


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