Video Encoder: Input: Audio & Video ... Output: No Audio! :(

Mar 30, 2011

(reposting -- as I realized I posted on an "answered" post!)

OK ... having slightly similar issue but alas no "Encoder" subcategory under "Products" so I'm coming here ... hope someone can help.

GOAL: Take my .MOV file and convert to Flash (via Encoder) in order to pull into an Articulate Presenter WBT. Here's what I did:

  • Took the original .MOV file into Encoder and when I play it: no sound. Rats. 
  • Tried again: took original .MOV file into Handbreak ... converted to .M4V (trying both codec MPEG-4 and H.264 (x264). Took both into Encoder and then play (audio and video) fantastically. 
  • Publish each one using pre-set "Large" Setting and no joy: video is spiffy but audio is gone.
  • Tried adjusting the audio settings under the "Custom" section and nothing improves the situation: talking head is still silent.
  • Tried taking original .MOV file in Handbreak and republishing as .MVK format (the only other option aside from .MV4) but Encoder doesn't take this.
  • I downloaded every codec I could find via other posts on the "old" site noting stuff at the MainConcept Showcase Tom recommends I could not find on that link).

I'm at a loss here ... any tips or suggestions are VERY VERY appreciate!!

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Hey Brian .. thanks for replying. While iMovie exports in MPEG format, Articulate gave me a warning, "file_name uses a video codec that may not be supports or play in the Flash Player." Sure enough it does not, thus my fun time at all the conversions. Standard export from iMovie defaults to an .MV4 format, which doesn't work, ether.

The only work-aroudn I can figure out is to get the source file into AVI format (which, for some reason works find in Encoder). It's like a 3-step process (and additional software I had to buy) but it got it done but not as cleanly as I'd have hoped.

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