View Modes in Articulate Presenter '13

Feb 14, 2014

Is there a way to provide view modes in Articulate Presenter '13 like those in Articulate Studio '13? (See the attached file for an example of the 3 view modes.)

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Jan van Vledder

I have a related problem: first time using Articulate again since the upgrade to Presenter '13 I notice the above, but what is worse, the size of the online course is much smaller than it was with '09, and I don't find a way to fix this. The video's I am making for user instructions are quite useless now because of the small end result.  What am I doing wrong? Pse advise.

Jeff Schlaybach

HI Jan & Mike,

Leslie suggested that customers post a feature request to their developers to have the view modes restored in 2013. We are seriously considering going back to '09 unless this feature is restored. We have software simulations and demos that we built in Adobe Captivate, and they are now too small to easily view since the sidebar can not be removed as before in '09.

Also - while '13 allows you to turn off the notes, Menu, presenter, does  NOT let you remove the Logo. What they need is to allow you to turn off all these sidebar items and close the sidebar since it would be empty in that case. But as it stands now, the Logo can't be removed on a slide-by-slide basis.

I hope there is enough customer "out cry" that this feature is restored in a update.

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