want FLV file file on ppt slide at the bottom of layered files


I am putting an FLV video file on a powerpoint slide. I have small colored text bar with text (created in ppt) animate in on top of the video. I can move the video layer to the bottom in my layers pallet and the text bar on top, but it keeps automatically reverting to have the video back on the top layer every time I save the file so I can't see the text bar.

Is there any way to accomplish this?


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Nelson Diaz

Video and flash files always appear on the topmost layer in presenter, so they will end up covering your text box. As a workaround, you could use quizmaker to play the video, and have an animated text bar appear on top of the video. You can then import this single-slide "quiz" into a presenter slide.

To do this, create a single blank slide in quizmaker, insert your video and then insert a shape or text box. Format your shape/text box as necessary (add color, shadows, etc.) and then add one of the available animations. Get rid of the results page (click edit results and on the result type dropdown select none). You can then add the quizmaker file to your presentation.