Web Object - Cannot Be Displayed in Slide

Hi All - I am trying to insert a Web Object to an Articulate Presenter file.  The Web Object is a link to a page on my company's intranet.  When I test the link, I get the following error (see in the attachment) - "The web address you entered cannot be displayed in a frame.  In order to function properly, this web object must be set to open in a new browser window."

I've tested with a public website and I was able to display it in the slide.

Can I not display it in the slide because it is on my company's intranet?  

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Scott Thacher

Hi Jehan -

This is an interesting question! Some websites are intentionally prevented from displaying inside an iFrame (the web object display mechanism in Presenter.) You can tell if this is the case with your company intranet site by viewing the page HTML source (right-click on the page and choose “view source”) and looking for "X-Frame-Options" content="DENY". This HTML code will prevent the page from being displayed through the iFrame in the Presenter player.

If this is the cause, you can try setting your intranet page to load in a separate browser window instead of displaying on the slide. (I know this isn’t always a good solution.) Another possible workaround would be to use a screen capture of the company intranet instead of a live web view--again, maybe not desirable depending on your needs, but it would provide a visual representation of the content you are trying to convey.

I hope this helps!