Web object icon hidden on Presenter slide

The simulation appears, however, there is no web object icon showing on the slide.  If I click on Web Object in the menu bar, I can see the address/location of the simulation file.  I just do not know how to delete the web object!  Please help!  I've attached a picture of the slide and web object menu.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Cappie!

I was collaborating with team members to provide better feedback, but in the meantime, could you try a couple of things.

Due to the linking of a local file, I think I'm getting an error that you may not see on your end. When you click web object from the tool bar, are you able to delete the URL and click OK? Alternatively, if that does not work, can you choose to Display in Slide, and then delete as noted previously?

I'm getting an error about the file not existing, but again I think that is because of the local file.

cappie suttle

I cannot delete the address and press OK.  It asks me to enter a location/address.  I changed it to appear on the slide and when it did, I pressed Delete.  However, when I ran the preview of three slides, the simulation appeared.
The file is located on my desktop/local drive.  How can I adjust the files so you will be able to see them? Sincerely,
Cappie Suttle 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Cappie!

My collaborative effort paid off :)

If you change the web object as I shared previously:

You should now be able to delete the web object. This solution worked for me. My mistake was utilizing another file instead of a web address instead. So, change the URL and change to Display in Slide, then you can delete the entire placeholder from the slide :)