What is the Student's Name ?

Nov 21, 2011

Presenter course running from an Articulate Online session.

Is there any means possible for Presenter to “know” who has signed onto AO and run this course ?

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Peter Anderson

Hey Bill,

I think the "What content did a user view?" report might be what you're looking for, assuming your permissions are set to private.

Have a look and see if that's what you're looking for. Also, check out 3 Quick Steps to Tracking Users in Articulate Online:


Bill Finnerty

Nope, I guess I am not makng myself clear.

My permissions are set to private so student must sign in to AO account using email and password.

Student selects a course and views it. New window opens and flash content executes and presents the course.

I want the powerpoint presentation to report, onthe first slide of the presentation, the User first name and user last name as  entered in the AO User's profile.

Peter Anderson

Hey Bill,

I just mean that because it's not an official Articulate workaround, if you were to submit a case with anything related to the hack, we wouldn't be able to help. We actually encourage workarounds like this, but if you were to have questions about it, that's what Phil, Dwayne and the rest of the community are here for. You could also go to the developer of the workaround for help. Hope that clears things up. Good luck!

Gabe Anderson

Hi Bill-

If you're seeing the student's name displaying as "Guest," then my guess would be that your content might not be set to private (here's how to do that). 

Also, did you buy the widget and follow all steps as outlined by the developer? 

Most importantly, we can't guarantee that this will work in Articulate Online, so you might want to confirm that directly with the Elearning Enhanced folks.

Bill Finnerty


All my AO content is private by default, whether published directly to AO or published locally then uploaded to AO. I verified and AO does defne the conent as private.

I did buy the widget and, of course, followed all directions and, as usual, figure it is something I am doing wrong so I am reviewing and exhausting all possibilites.

I'll keep you posted. 

Bill Finnerty

Not quite, but it sent me in the right direction. I hate VISTA but that's what I'm stuck with! The trick is that by default VISTA hides file extensions so all I had to do is learn one more thing about VISTA (ugh!) and cause file extensions to be displayed, then can change the file type just like in the like.

Thanks for the assist ... Bill

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