What's the latest on the skin building front?

Hi, folks. This is one of the questions asked in advance of the European Conference in Leeds - I am hoping that, by posting it here, we may get some more ideas for the participants to ponder over on the day. Also, apologies if these questions have already been answered elsewhere - the fault is entirely mine for not looking properly. Now the question and many thanks in advance to you all for your suggestions:


What is the latest on the new skin building front?

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Dragos Ciobanu

This is only one of the many skins built by Tony Lowe (he'll be attending the conference, too, so make sure you grab him), who also teaches how to build your own skins. 

Reflection Skin

In addition, there are quite a few other e-Learning Heroes who know their way around customising skins, so do check out other discussions in this forum.

onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)

For those of you building skins or widgets... if you are looking for a place to sell or give them away we have set up a program on eLearningEnhanced.com that lets you host your files on our site. It's called Community Files. We have three folks already signed up!