Wierd Video Issue

Hey all,

I recently inserted a video into a presentation and published it to our network drive (CD format).  I sent a hyperlink out to my team to have them take a look at it, but the video slide is blank.   When I navigate to the network folder and click on Run_Presentation, the presentation runs the video just fine.

FYI, we publish in CD format to allow for printing of test results.  We are not using an LMS.  Any idea why a hyperlink to a network drive would cause a video not to run?  Again, when the executable file is accessed directly, it runs fine.

No big deal, just wierd.

Thanks.  Mark


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Mark mccoy

Jeff, thanks. 

The problem seems to be sourced in the hyperlink.  I have tried both the .exe and the .html flle through a hyperlink and the video does not run.  Navigating to the folder and clicking both files directly load up the video.

This is not a major issue, but it is a mystery.  Maybe as you mentioned there so unapparent blocking going on.   FYI, this happens on all my department PCs.

Anyway, I will provide a hyperlink to the folder in the future with instructions to access the file directly. 

Again, thanks for the feedback on my issue.  If I ever have the time to figure it out, I will let you know.