Working with Externally Hosted Videos


I have a presentation that contains a handful of videos. For a variety of reasons, I cannot  include the videos in the scorm folder that is uploaded to my LMS. So I have urls to the video files (

Can't I embedd these so they appear on the slide or must they open in window media player?

Can I only embed if they are flv then do I link to a url with .flv and include a flash skin in the scorm folder?

Sorry I mostly work in Flash and appreciate any and all help!!!

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David Anderson

Hi Al and welcome to E-learning Heroes!

You have a few options for working with video files.

You can insert .mp4, .flv and .swf files into your slides. You do this from the Articulate tab >  Flash Movie

If you want to pull external videos into your course, you could use Web Objects that pull in either an iframe or html page with the video.

Which would you prefer to do? Include the videos in the actual slide or pull the video from another location into the slide? Each option looks the same to the learner, but videos pulled in from Web Objects won't sync with your course player.

David Anderson

Right, you can insert a flash movie into an html file and point your web object to that html file.

Here's some good info on Web Objects:

You can insert content into web objects locally or externally. Sounds like the external option is what you're looking for.

Thaddeus Ashcliffe

One added benefit is you can update the video with out needed to chance your course so long as the target url is the same.  

I use this all the time to link to the sites like the CDC that may frequently update it's content.  Linking to sites that update content while preserving urls lets me have fresh content without needed to constantly update my course.