Branching from a Survey Question

Hi there, I'm super super new to articulate

I am adding questions in quizmaker.  All of our questions are essay ones however I have a few 'Yes' 'No' questions. The question is "Has this happened to you?" and the options are "Yes" or "No".  It's not a right or wrong quiz question and I've used the 'Pick One' template from Survey Questions.  Can I branch to different essay questions, depending on which answer a student has picked?  I have figured out how to do this if I used the Multiple Choice template in Graded Questions, however I don't want the student to see a big red X in the Navigation drop down when they decide to switch between questions as it isn't a right or wrong response.

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks so much

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Brian Batt

Hi Yanetta & welcome to Heroes,

In the "Pick One" question type, you'll need to do the following to branch to a specific question based upon the answer:

1.  Open the question

2.  In the Display section at the top, change Feedback from "By Question" to "By Answer"

3.  In the answers section, you'll now see the "More" button for each answer.  Just click on each button and choose the question you want to branch to.

Let me know if you have any other questions.