Cannot publish Quizmaker to Word, because defaults at first blank slide

Feb 23, 2018

Hi guys

I believe there has been a bug with Quizmaker for some years, and just checking if there is a fix or work-around yet. It stops me publishing my quizzes to Word, if they include blank slides, which they all do. When I try to publish it just publishes up to the first blank slide and then shows nothing more.

If I publish choosing the "questions only" option that avoids the issue, but it is not what I need.

If I go through the whole presentation and delete all the blank slides I can publish OK, but that is not what I need either. (Also I am terrified I will permanently delete all the blank slides, and have hours of work rebuilding.)

Do you have a solution?



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Bernard.  I'm sorry you're hitting a roadblock!  I did a quick test on the latest versions of Quizmaker '13 and 360, and I was able to publish successfully to Word, including blank slides and the question slides that came after.

Can you let me know which version of Quizmaker you're using?  Go to Help > About Quizmaker to find out.

Also, if you'd like to attach one of your projects that is failing to publish properly here, I'd love to troubleshoot it for you.  Thanks!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Bernard,

Assuming you are using Quizmaker '13, that is the latest update.

It looks like your email signature came through when you replied via email. You can remove that if needed by clicking ‘Edit’ beneath your response. Here’s a quick Peek video if you need help.

This also prevented your attachment from coming through, so be sure to click View in your e-mail to pop directly in the forums and use 'Add Attachment' in the reply window.

Bernard George

By the way Leslie, I did a Google search which revealed we basically had this whole conversation a couple of years ago, with other people also reporting the same problem.

I had hoped it would have been fixed by now but it seems not, So I assume I just have to accept I cannot print to Word (save with time consuming and worrying work-arounds).

I hope this will be listed to be addressed on the next update of the software.


Leslie McKerchie

Thanks Bernard.

Let me take this moment to have a total facepalm moment 🤦🏻‍♀️

I misread your original post. Yes, I can confirm that I see the same thing in your file when publishing to Word and including the Full Quiz Details.

I then opened a new file to recreate, and it worked successfully with blank then I had to keep digging.

Seems the culprit is the Notes. If I remove the Notes, it publishes successfully. So, I will be sharing this with my team.

I'm attaching your file with the Notes removed. Are you able to publish that file as well?

I understand this is a less than ideal solution, but thanks for pushing me to get to the culprit so that we can get this reported.

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