Error when reinstalling quizmaker 09

I was using Quizmaker 09 from 2009 and purchased yesterday an upgrade for Quizmaker 13. After using it today I decided to go back to Quizmaker 09 and  uninstalled that version. I then tried to reinstall Quizmaker 09, but could not complete the installation due to an error I am keep getting. When I click Ignore the same error appears for another file that is not found and so on. Attached is a screenshot.
Can you please suggest how I should go ahead and complete the instillation of Quizmaker 09 properly?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nir,

Did you move the original install files? When you went through the upgrade process did you uninstall as described here? You'll want to follow the steps here to install Presenter 09. 

Lastly it may be worth looking at the repair of Presenter 09 as described here.  If you're still having issues, it may also be best to continue working with our Support engineers so that we can take a better look at your system and set up.