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Greg Rider

Thanks, Peter, for your response.  I do have Presenter, so the 1st option works.  However, is there a way to insert part of my Quiz into the overal Presenter presentation, then have a regular Presenter screen, continue with a few more Quizmaker questions, and continue that format until the end of the Quiz?

Peter Anderson

Hi Greg, 

I don't believe it's possible to break up the individual quiz questions from a Quizmaker quiz and distribute them throughout your Presenter course with Presenter slides separating them. I think your best approach may be to copy a group of existing quiz questions into a new quiz file, insert those, add your Presenter slides, and then rinse and repeat with the next group of Quizmaker slides. 

Could get a bit tedious if your project is large, and I hope I'm overlooking something I've forgotten , but I think that's the only way to do it.