Multiple result slides for survey (non-graded) and quiz (graded)

Jun 09, 2017


Is there a way for Articulate to produce two result slides (those for graded and those for non-graded) in the same project? I'm finding that our LMS takes any non-graded questions and assigns a point value to them (even though it's not given any points in the Quizmaker file).

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Elizabeth!

You mentioned that non-graded questions aren't given any points in your Quizmaker file. In form view, do you have a "0" in the points column for correct answers?

If so, those questions should not be given points in your LMS. Have you done any testing in SCORM Cloud yet?  If so, are you getting the same results? We generally compare the behavior in SCORM Cloud to your LMS experience to try to parse out file issues versus LMS issues.  

I'd be happy to help you with that testing if you can share your .QUIZ file here!

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