Survey Properties - Quizmaker '13 - for SABA Coud

Mar 04, 2015

Currently, Quizmaker has a default property setting for 80% - even when you select "SURVEY" drop-down RESULTS SLIDE.  As we transition to SABA Cloud, I am being told that the 80% (built into Quizmaker) will create issues for non-graded surveys as scores are reported back to the LMS.

Is there a way to turn-off the 80% "passing" property with a non-graded Survey?  Can you share the correct settings we need to use to publish a non-graded (no percentage score) SURVEY?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tom,

It looks like you're changing from the quiz properties, but also changing it to a survey results slide as described here?  That should allow for a non graded quiz, but you could also change the percentage to something else such as 0 so that there is no score information at all? 

Also, have you looked at testing this at SCORM Cloud? It's a great industry standard for testing SCORM content and how it should be expected to behave. 

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