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Janet  Kearney

Hi Jeanette,

I am following the screenr that you put together for Jacqueline in this thread regarding retrying only the incorrect questions. Everything seems to work fine up until the results slide. The QuestionXCorrect variable = true / trigger combo does not seem to be registering on the results slide properly the second and third tries. For example, my quiz has 10 questions. On the first try I score 50% correct. On the second try I answer 1 out of the remaining 5 questions correct and it gives me a seemingly random score of 30%. it doesn't appear to recognize that I already had 50% correct the first time around.  Therefore, I can never pass the quiz on the second or third try.  I do have some drag and drops, pick ones and a fill in the blank question in there that might not be registering as correct properly. Any words of wisdom?  Thanks!


Kim Schenk


The response and tutorials were wonderful! My elearning partner, Nancy, and I have actually been able to make this work (only having missed questions show on retry) on our first elearning course ever! However, we have run into a bit of a snag. We're getting some flashes of the "hidden" questions on the retry. We've turned off any animation (we had fade on at first) and matched the transition speed on the source file (fast) but we can't seem to get rid of it. Any ideas?

Thanks again for the great tutorials!


Robert Olasz

What I figured out: 

I set a variable for slide

q1correct which is logical variable  default value is false - if correct answer given the value changes to true

if wrong answer is given I set condition to the jump forward: only jumps forward if q1correct is true (so never)... it is working (not allows me to step forward), but not gives the possibility to make a new selection / choose. How can I set it?

Jelena Labute

Dear Jeanette,

Can you please advise on my issue below.

I did everything as you proposed to Judy, but I have a problem retaking quiz questions due to the course spread out content.

The situation is that I have few lessons and after each there is a separate quiz.

Results slide counts all quizes in my course.

But when user clicks Retake quiz, there are displaying wrong questions only from the 1st quiz.

And I do not know how to display wrong questions from all 5 quizes I have. I mean, how to combine/connect these all quizes.

Thank you very much!