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jyothi sita

Hi Jeanette,

I have tried above requirement and achieved it with the true/false, multiple and single select question types. But it is not working properly if i take matching drag and drop, matching drop down question types in the quiz as we will not have states for these question items.

Can you please look into this and do the needful..

Thanks in advance.



jyothi sita


SorryI forgot to mention the requirement.

Hereis my requirement:

Iwould like to display only the incorrect questions on the retries inStoryline. I have achieved this requirement with the true/false, multipleand single select question types. But it is not working properly if i takematching drag and drop, matching drop down question types.

Have you tried above requirement with the matching drag and drop, matching drop down question types??



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jyothi, 

Are you able to share a file here with us - or as Leslie mentioned have you already shared it in the Storyline forums? The matching drag and drop can be made to have states - so that one should be able to be set up. It'll help to see what you've already got set up so that we could offer advice tailored to that. 

Seth Merriam
Janet Kearney

Hi Jeanette,

I am following the screenr that you put together for Jacqueline in this thread regarding retrying only the incorrect questions. Everything seems to work fine up until the results slide. The QuestionXCorrect variable = true / trigger combo does not seem to be registering on the results slide properly the second and third tries. For example, my quiz has 10 questions. On the first try I score 50% correct. On the second try I answer 1 out of the remaining 5 questions correct and it gives me a seemingly random score of 30%. it doesn't appear to recognize that I already had 50% correct the first time around.  Therefore, I can never pass the quiz on the second or third try.  I do have some drag and drops, pick ones and a fill in the blank question in there that might not be registering as correct properly. Any words of wisdom?  Thanks!


I am having a similar issue and do not see a response to this question... Was there every any follow up on this?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Seth!

I checked to see if this was submitted to support based on Janet's response and here is what was shared with her.

Thank you for uploading your project file for review. I understand that you want to show the number of questions the user needs to retake. This can be achieved mainly by the use of numeric variables and adding/subtracting values to it. 
The following tutorials will help you accomplish your goal: 


Since this is mainly a design concern, I'd also recommend posting your scenario in our forums to get advice and feedback from other community members: 


Seth Merriam

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I'm not sure I understand the answer here... I'm not after collecting the actual number of right and wrong, I'm after having the results slide indicate the accurate results, which I think is what the original poster was asking as well... Essentially I followed along with the same screenr /  tutorial and have it working, but if I answer questions (perhaps other than true/false?) wrong the first time and then correct a second time they do not register properly. Is this something another variable might take care of, or am I missing something that might be better asked elsewhere? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anne,

I'm not certain what they ended up setting up - but are you using Storyline or Quizmaker? If you're using Storyline instead of using a state to indicate how the user answered (which as you mentioned a hotspot question doesn't have states) you could use a variable adjusted based on what the user clicked and then choose what to show the user based on the value of that variable. 

Education and Training Team

Hi Ashley,

Thanks so much for your response! Yes, I am using Storyline.

I think I'm still a bit confused, though. As part of Jeanette's original solution (using T/F questions as an example) she used the Change State Of trigger to automatically set a correct answer, allowing the learner to skip over previously correct answers. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like you can use this trigger on hotspot-type questions, because hotspots are stateless. 

You mention using variables, but I don't see how variables would help me automatically submit a correct answer.

Thanks so much for clarifying! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anne,

Yes, Hotspots don't have a state - but you could use a variable or even an offstage object. So for example, you'd set up a trigger that when the user clicks on the hotspot the value of X variable changes from False to True - and add a trigger that when the timeline starts if the value of X is equal to true (as a condition), the user is jumped to the next slide. So this way, the user is revisiting the slide but automatically jumping past it if they already answered. Similarly, an off stage object - you could adjust the state based on the user clicking on the hotspot, and the same type of trigger Jeanette shared. 

Education and Training Team

HI again, Ashley!

First of all, I SO very much appreciate your help on this. I'm sorry if I'm a bit slow. I understand changing X variable from False to True, and then jumping past the slide if X is equal to true (condition). The problem, however, is that the results page would score this as incorrect because you jumped passed the slide without submitting the correct answer. 

For questions with states (for example, T/F), you would create a trigger that automatically sets the state of the correct answer to 'selected', and THEN jump past the slide. In this instance, the results slide would show that you submitted the correct answer and all is well :-) 

Please let me know if I'm missing something obvious.

Thanks again!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anne,

No apologies necessary - I think it's me who is being a bit slow today. Monday after a holiday and all...

You're right - there won't be a way to automatically submit the hotspot question, because as you've pointed out it doesn't have any states (sorry I had to reread it so many times!). What about instead of using a normal hotspot question you use a pick one/pick many with transparent shapes? You could create states for those and therefore use that to move automatically. 

At least now I think we're on the same page - so I hope that helps! If not, maybe I need a nap. :-)

Cassandra Lilley

Hi Anne and Ashley,

I know this has been 2 months since last activity now, but I was wondering if there was a solution for drag and drop questions?

As Anne mentioned earlier: "The problem, however, is that the results page would score this as incorrect because you jumped passed the slide without submitting the correct answer. " Unfortuantely, changing the state of the correct answer to 'drop correct' doesn't mark the question as being correct (as much as I'd hoped!).

Is there a way that a trigger (or even several) can manually mark the drag and drop question complete, granted the T/F variable for that question has been marked as being correct? Or any other solution?

Or does the question type need to be changed for this to work?



Education and Training Team

Hi Cassandra!

I was able to use this solution on the drag and drop questions using the drop correct state. I've attached what I did, using Jeanette's original file as an example (I just added an additional drag and drop slide). Is this what you're trying to achieve? 

Hope this helps!

Cassandra Lilley

Hi Anne and Ashley,

Thanks for the speedy replies! 

Anne - Thanks for the upload. We have a very similar logic! I did try this originally, though I had a trigger that needed to move down after another trigger for it to skip past correctly answered questions. With that all sorted, unfortunately I'm still in the same position where - although it will now pass by the question on retry if it was answered correctly in a previous attempt - the score for this question is not added to the results on any attempt after the initial one. This seems to be the case in your example too. So I'm not sure that the state 'drop correct' actually marks the question as being correct - perhaps it is the drag item being on the drop target? But I don't think there's a trigger for this :(

Ashley - Could you please elaborate? I'm not quite sure I follow, sorry :(

I'm working with my colleague at the moment to try and find a solution. If we find something, I'll post it up here for everyone. 

Thanks again ladies!