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Jan 08, 2018

Hi team, 

I am a little frustrated with all the issues I am having with the new 360 software. I have not successfully updated a course without some new issue arising.

So, our theatre etiquette course was built in 2015, I doing a simple update to 2 quiz questions and all I want to do is republish and place back on the LMS. When I publish and preview either the zip or via our LMS the quiz has this weird halo thing appear on the correct, incorrect boxes as seen in the screen shots I have provided. I cant figure out for the life of me what is going wrong here. I cannot publish this course to our LMS looking so unprofessional.

I am working on the local C drive, the Articulate Software is up to date.

Please could someone assist for provide me with a work around. 



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Jill

I'm also upgrading courses to SL360 from SL2 and finding a few edits that need to be done but I haven't seen come across that one so it's hard to say without seeing the source file... can you upload the slide and someone might be able to see what's happening.

Oops just noticed this was Quizmaker not Storyline - still I'm happy to take a look for you

Gill Smith

Hi Wendy, 

I think I have figured out what the issue is. On the incorrect/correct feedback slides it appears there is a grey box over the top of the words (I have never put that over the top, so maybe it  occurred in the conversion to 360. I have just removed the grey square and am about to publish again. Will let you know if I need you to take a look at the file. 



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