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Jan 02, 2012

Hello everyone

I created a SCORM with Articulate and I included 15 groups of questions in random order.

I uploaded the SCORM in Moodle 1.9.9 + (Build: 20100915)

The problem is that even if the scorm term, once they return from a question instead of displaying the last slide (which is not a question but a slide that says the end)

The settings are the same for all applications

If they answer correctly -> Go to the next slide

If they answer wrong ->
Go to the next slide

Can go -> at any time

You can see the slide -> at any time

Attempts -> unlimited

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iron nori

Sorry Peter but I have no links or screencast of my courseI try to explain the problemThere are 45 slides in the SCORMSlide 01Slide 02Slide 03Slide 04Slide 05Slide 06Slide 07Slide 08Slide 09Slide 10Slide 11Slide 12Slide 13Slide 14Quiz (mulplice choice)Quiz (mulplice choice)Slide 17Quiz (mulplice choice)Slide 19Quiz (mulplice choice)Slide 21Slide 22Slide 23Slide 24Quiz (mulplice choice)Quiz (mulplice choice)Slide 27Quiz (mulplice choice)Quiz (essay)Quiz (mulplice choice)Quiz (mulplice choice)Slide 32Quiz (mulplice choice)Slide 34Slide 35Slide 36Slide 37Slide 38Slide 39Slide 40Quiz (Sequence drag and drop)Quiz (Matching Drag & Drop)Quiz (mulplice choice)Quiz (mulplice choice)Slide 45Quiz properties are the same for all quizzesWhen user passes buton finish - Go to next slideWhen user passes buton fails - Go to next slideAllow user to leave quiz - At Any TimeUser view slides after quiz May - At Any TimeUser May attempt quizzes - Unlimited timesIf I return to the course in SCORM does not resume from the last slide.The course takes from 41 slides Quiz (Sequence drag & drop) and not from slide 45I hope I have explained the problem better

Peter Anderson

Hey Iron,

Would you like to send us your .QUIZ file for the quiz you want us to review? Hopefully one of our support engineers will be able to help you find a resolution. You can do that here:

Please include the url to this thread when you submit your case, and if you'd like, you can leave your case number here so that I can follow it personally. Thanks!

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