Quiz in Studio is distorted (enlarged so that unable to read) when a quiz is exited and re-launched.

Sep 19, 2018

I have a number of courses built in Articulate Studio where the quiz is not readable (font is enormous and cut off at the top of the page) when the quiz is  re-launched a second time.  It launches fine the first time. It seems to be happening only when one particular PPP template is being used. Any ideas on what 'setting' might be causing this to occur?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Lisa.  Thanks for the screenshot - that's really weird behavior.  Let me grab a couple of details so I can try to help:

  • What version of Studio are you using? 
  • Also, which PowerPoint template?  
  • Where do you host your course (LMS, Articulate Online, web)?
  • Which browsers have you tested?

I'll try to reproduce this behavior and investigate if we have a bug!  

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