Quiz published for web with Quizmaker 09 not working

Mar 03, 2015

Hello folks,

I need help resolving an issue I have with a Quizmaker 09 project published for the web. Once published, the  SWF file doesn't load and is spinning continiously. (See following link)


This behaviour occurs wether I publish and and execute it locally   or I upload the published content on a web server and try to play the quiz remotely.

I did several tests to try to pinpoint the problem:

  • The quiz works fine if previewed in Quizmaker
  • The quiz works fine if published for CD
  • The quiz works fine if I publish for the web locally on my drive but rather then executing the quiz.html file, I drag the SWF file in my Chrome (my web browser).

My impression is that the SWF content is working just fine and that the problem resides in the HTML launcher file.

The quiz is made of questions, images and flv flash movies. Is also uses a SWF script file (QM-AutoAdvance_v1.0.swf)  in blank slides to bypass the Continue button.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.






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