Quizmaker 13 - Print Results not working

I am using Quizmaker 13. Whenever I upload the Scorm package in Sharepoint - it won't show the page that will lead to printing the results. It will launch the quiz, retake it, etc, but as soon as we click on the Print Results button, it will only show the box that will ask for the name, once you enter the name, nothing will happen.

I want to add certificate to my quizzes, using LMS (Scorm) uploaded in Sharepoint. Need help on this. 


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Carsten,

I suspect Sharepoint or the browser you're using is blocking this additional pop up for the printable results. You may want to confirm you're using one of the supported browsers here, what settings you have enabled for pop ups, and look at connecting with your Sharepoint admin to see if there is a way to prevent the blocking of pop ups. 

Let us know if you need anything else!

Angel Odsigue



I install Quizmaker 9 and try it from there and it did work. We hosted it in the IIS server, not in Sharepoint. When I tried to do it using Quizmaker 13, the Print Results page is just giving a blank screen.

Why will it work for 9 and not 13? 9 is giving the print results page but 13 is not able to get the results in report.html format after publishing the quiz using SCORM 1.2 format WHY?

We have the license for Studio 13, and only using trial for 9 (which is working for us). Need help on this urgently as we have been trying to get this work for a month now. Your fast response is highly appreciated

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Carsten,

Studio '09 only published with Flash, whereas Studio '13 could include HTML5 - so that's the one big difference between them. I'd expect them to behave the same, but it would help to know if you were able to check what browser you were using? 

Could you also try uploading to another server/LMS? For example, upload to Tempshare or SCORM Cloud to see if the Studio '13 course behave differently there. For these type of issues it often comes down to a browser or server setting, not something in the course itself. 

If you're able to share a link to the course I can test it in a few browsers on my end, also if I could take a look at your .quiz file from Studio '13 I may be able to spot something else that could be different in the settings. You can upload it here using the Add Attachment button.