Reporting Results to SAP SF LMS doesn't work unless user passes quiz

Aug 16, 2018

Dear Heroes,

I sure hope someone can help me with this. We are having a problem with our learning management system (SuccessFactors) reporting results on quizzes in e-learnings. The problem is this: if a user fails a quiz, we the report with individual question responses comes up empty, although the completion report will come up as complete. Only if they pass the quiz, can we get results on how they responded to each question. We could set the pass rate at 0%, but that will mess up the results screen as well as our other reports.

Please tell me someone has solved this problem and that it is just a settings issue. For reference, these are some of my applicable settings:

  • authoring tool: QuizMaker
  • Exported as: SCORM 2004, version 4
  • Pass rate 80%
  • Reporting status to LMS as: passed/failed

Thanks in advance!


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Melanie,

Sorry you're in a bind -- I can lend a hand!

First, let's narrow down whether is issue is related to SuccessFactors or to the quiz itself. To do that, we'll want to test the quiz in another LMS, like SCORM Cloud.

Would you mind sharing the .quiz file with me?  I'll test it in SCORM Cloud and let you know what I find there!

Melanie Brooks

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks so much -- I really appreciate the help. This was problematic with Captivate, which is the main reason we started looking at Articulate.

If this can be solved, I would be absolutely thrilled! I have attached the sample quiz I was using in our test system. 

Melanie Brooks

Hi Alyssa,

Sure thing. Here it is. I am using Quizmaker 360 v5.18.16333.0. I will be developing in Storyline 360 most of the time, but I was doing initial testing in Quizmaker. Hopefully if we can get it to work here, a similar solution will work in Storyline 360.

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for the update Melanie.

Perhaps the data that you are able to see in SCORM Cloud will give you the leverage you need to work with your LMS team a bit more on this.

I'm curious to hear if others have experience with this as well and what solutions they have to share. 

I'm following along for sure :)

Alis Nikolson

Hi there Melanie,

We are in the process of cutting over to SAP SF LMS and in the testing phases. Our quizzes are also not working in SF but they work in ScormCloud, which sounds like the same if not similar problem you were having. Did you ever get a resolution?

Warmest regards,

- Alis

Melanie Brooks

Hi Alis,

Great question -- in fact we did not get a great resolution to the problem. In general, we don' t use question-level reporting, but when we do, we know that only the responses of people who passed the training are included in the report. Happy to chat more if you'd like to -- there are a lot of "tricks" you have to know when working with the SAP SF LMS.