Tracking problems in LMS (AOL) when using Articulate Quizmaker in Studio 360

Nov 11, 2020

I am publishing Quizmaker 360 quizzes to Articulate Online (in HTML 5 format).

Each quiz includes at least 10 survey questions (with no marks awarded), followed by at least 30 quiz questions.

If the user exits the quiz after answering 1 or more of the survey questions, but does not complete any of the quiz questions, the result appears as follows:

 Articulate status

I assume Articulate Online (using information provided by Quizmaker 360) is dividing zero marks (awarded for the quiz attempt) by the total marks (allocated to all of the quiz questions) and arriving at infinity. 

This was not a problem when publishing using Articulate Quizmaker 2013 to publish quizzes to Articulate Online (in Flash format) i.e. in the circumstances described above, I think 0% appeared as the score.

The problem above is one of several tracking problems I am encountering when uploading content (in HTML 5 format) using Studio 360 i.e. I am also having several problems tracking slides viewed in presentations. 

These problems must also be experienced by many other users who are trying to convert Articulate Studio 2013 content to Articulate Studio 360 format before the 31-Dec-20 deadline (i.e. Flash to be replaced by HTML 5).

This process is far from "seamless". It's very time consuming testing the published content and trying to figure out what's going wrong. 

Please advise whether the Articulate support team is aware of these problems and, if so, the timeframe for resolving these problems.



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Ren Gomez

Hi Jon,

I'm sorry to hear you're running into tracking issues while trying to update older courses! I appreciate you sharing that example of what you're running into and have reached out to our team to do some digging into why that's coming up!

I've shared your details with them, and they'll be sure to follow up once they get a better understanding. 

If this is indeed a bug, I want to share how we tackle bugs when they're reported. You can view the details in the article below:

Normally, we reach out to you via case, or in this discussion once we have updates to share on a fix.

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