Want feedback to be different on 3rd try of a Quiz

Aug 04, 2011

I am setting up a multiple response quiz. I want people to have 3 tries at the quiz. If they get it wrong the first 2 times, they get to try it again. So the feedback after the first 2 incorrect tries would say "That's not correct. Try again."

If they get it wrong on the the third (last) try, I want the feedback to say. "That's not correct. The correct answer is blah, blah, blah..." Then it would go to the Fail slide.

How would I do this? The only way I can figure is to have the exact same quiz repeated 3 times so you can put a different feedback in on the last try.



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Kevin Dowd

Hi Rebecca,

Set your maximum attempts to 3 times.  Set your feedback to "by answer."

So you already have a fail slide.  Have your incorrect answers branch to that.  Have your correct answer branch to the "correct" slide or to the next question.  Then have a third slide.  Place this third slide immediately after the quiz.  This third slide will read "that's not correct the correct answer is blahh, and then it will have the information that is on the fail slide. 

The user will only see the third slide if he gets the answer incorrect 3 times, because as soon as he gets it correct, he'll branch on to the next question or correct slide.

Did I explain that clearly?  Does it help?

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