Articulate Replay playing nice with Storyline 2

My biggest frustration is that I record nice screen videos with Articulate Replay around screen activity that includes my voice.  It all looks and sounds great.  But when I place it into Storyline 2, it almost always either adds on a bunch of blank seconds or chops off some seconds without warning.  

Since there is no visual cue as to where the visual and words are in the file, I cannot tell where to move the bar.  Any advice on how to get the files to load in as they are recorded to time out properly??


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Lance Crowe


Yes, I publish it first and then insert it via Storyline 2's Insert Video tab.  But almost every time it either adds several seconds or cuts them off.  I can play with it enough to reset the end slide end to get it to eventually time correctly, but does this happen to everyone?