Articulate Replay ridiculously slow?

Mar 28, 2018


Really love the product Articulate Replay, although there is a major issue which I hope will be resolved in a near future. When I open a - let's say - 3 Go file, it it just sooo SLOW. Even though my computer doesn't work that much when I open a file (about a quarter of it's RAM), the file is systematically "not responding". I must wait - and wait - and wait - for it to finally open. The same thing happens when saving my progress. Also, I work on my hardware and not on a network space. A file with the same weight would open almost instantly with Premiere. Is it a software optimization problem?

As I said, really love the product, looking forward to use it more, but this is really a bummer.

Thank you!

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Ian Martin

Possibly this is related, I was about to start another query about Replay performance/latency. I find it very frustrating when adding lower thirds that it takes about two to three seconds for every action as I type before I can continue. If I want to replay a section after clicking with the mouse it takes two to three seconds before starting. In isolation this may not seem a hassle but when adding in a whole lot of lower thirds - it takes hours because of the latency.  BTW: Love Replay. Would like to know if I can adjust my settings/add more RAM, or any other tips to make it run faster?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ian,

What version of Replay are you using? I'd love to have you work with our Support engineers on this. They can help pull some more detailed info on what else on your system could be slowing down Replay, and get you back up and running for fast course authoring. 

Let me know if you're able to reach out, and I'm happy to follow along and share updates here. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ian,

I've opened a case for you - you should see a confirmation email shortly, and that'll also have an option to upload your .replay file in case it could be something specific in there.

Also, if you can you take a Peek of the problem you can include the "Share" link in your reply to the case. That's a good way to show our team the performance issues you're having and what you have in terms of Windows set up. 

Ian Martin

Thanks Ashley

I've been working most of today in Replay with lower thirds and it seemed faster?
I have done a screen recording that I can share that does show the latency that comes and goes.

Thanks again

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