ASUS Computers and Articulate Replay

Oct 01, 2013

Executive Summary

If you are using an ASUS computer/laptop and can't get Replay to work, there is a solution.

What I Learned Today

I learned something new today regading my ASUS laptop's webcam. I don't use it very much because I tend to use the webcam (and apps) on my MacBook Pro instead.

But now, with Replay downloaded and open, I had a good reason to use my ASUS's webcam.

When I began to follow Mike on the Replay getting-started tutorials, I couldn't get my webcam to turn on and appear. No little green light no matter how hard I tried.

ASUS Virtual Camera

ASUS has a program I didn't know about called Virtual Camera. And, that's the setting I needed to select (see image; didn't include me in the screen shot because I'm too casual today) and not any setting that has the words "Webcam" in the option.

A few WWW articles got me started but took me down a different path. However, I'll include the links here in case other ASUS owners might find them somewhat helpful. At least I discovered how to work my ASUS webcam with Replay.

My DH, and business partner, also did some research. Apparently, there are lots of ASUS folks who are complaining about their machine's webcam, Virtual Camera, etc.

Hope the above might help other ASUS owners. All I did was the following:

  1. Open Windows Live Movie Maker and turned on the ASUS webcam in that app.
  2. Then I went back to Articulate Replay and clicked Record.
  3. In Replay, make sure the webcam is on in the control panel below the recording area (use slider to turn it on).
  4. When the Web Cam Settings window in Replay appears, under the Select Webcam drop-down list, choose ASUS Virtual Camera.

Looking forward to playing with Replay!

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Jenise Cook (

Published Frame Rate: Video and Audio Output Not in Sync - ASUS Internal Webcam

Any other ASUS owners out there? If yes, enjoy my discovery day on my ASUS Notebook G73Sw Series.

I published my first Replay webcast and ...disappointing.... the frame rate is not good at all.

There's about a 2-3 second delay. First, I hear my voice and then 2-3 seconds later my mouth moves.

So, DH and I researched this as we know it's not an issue with Replay. So far, ASUS owners are saying do not select the Virtual Camera. Select the USB 2.0 camera instead (see screen grab below).

After Selecting the USB 2.0 Camera

The published quality of the video output was 75% better, but still not as good as Mike's tutorials. When I'm full screen, the video is not sharp. My sample also shows me typing into a Word doc. When Word is full screen it looks OK, but I don't.

It's an ASUS Issue

Again, this seems to be 100% an ASUS hardware issue and not an issue with Replay. The ASUS owners forums (gaming forums, especially) are filled with complaints about the internal webcam on their ASUS computers. ASUS support did not solve their issues.

The internal camera's frame rate seems to be an awful 3 to 5 fps.

Yes, you read that right: 3 to 5 fps (approximately).

Going Shopping!

Looks like my "free" Replay download is morphing into a new, external webcam purchase. LOL

Your Favorite External Webcam?

Oh well, external webcams aren't expensive anymore. If you have a favorite, please recommend one. I like Logitech's products, so I'll start exploring there.

Jenise Cook (


Leslie, you got it! We're cruising the Logitech site and seeing several possibilities.

However, if I'm going to be doing recorded webcasts, and I've got one planned for November, then I need to work on my "on-screen skills".

I may also go shopping for Green Screen fabric so I can have the streets of Paris as my background.

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